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The Videos

With over a decade of video production under my belt, I have had the opportunity as a videographer to work on some truly amazing projects. Whether it's filming a commercial for your small business or making sure you capture those special moments from your big family event, I have the expertise to make sure you get the exact final product you envisioned. Everything is shot in Ultra HD 4K, so you don't have to worry about quality!


Chris Does Video is proud to offer affordable commercial pricing to local businesses! If you own a regional chain, or have a small online operation, check out some of the packages I offer that will give your business the push it needs to continue success!

Music Videos

Give your music the visual treatment it deserves! With drone services, GoPro access, and countless other production tools, we'll make sure you get a video that compliments your song perfectly. Music videos typically start around $800, but artists can still get a video made on their budget!

The Purpose
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Media Conversions

Have some old tapes you want converted digitally? Look no further! Get those old VHS and DV tapes digitized before they're ruined forever! Most tapes only have a shelf life of 15 years, but digital video will never degrade. Simple conversion start at $30 per tape, with an additional fee for edited video.